Coming To Terms…

The word, “Truth” seems to be a trouble-maker!  People feel it gets in the way of doing what they want to do.  Authoritarian types often give it a bad reputation by using it as a weapon to enforce uniformity.  It is particularly bothersome to people who bend and contort it to suit their own agendas, often under the influence of the fallacy that because they are so passionate about the agenda, the ends certainly must justify these means!  Truth hurts people, especially when hurtful people expose others to it in a vindictive way.  It is persistent, often “coming out” despite someone’s best efforts to hide it, usually to prevent embarrassment.  There MUST be “absolute” truths, like the saying that “what goes up must come down!”, a slight oversimplification of the “law” of gravity.  But many “truths” seem to have so much “wiggle room” when people try to state them as iron-clad statements of reality.  Because of this, we end up with political, sociological, theological differences and debates that go on even for many centuries with no end in sight.
And because of them, we sometimes end up involved in World Wars.

This web site is founded on the proposition that it is ALWAYS instructive to seek, to attempt to discover, and then to consider or ponder what is true and what truth is, for all who participate.  We recognize that people, and their minds, are all different shades of a similar thing.  Human consciousness exists in a realm characterized and influenced by perceptions.  In a very real sense, for any one individual, these perceptions are reality, are truth to that individual.  And, in that frame of reference, there may not be an objective reality, or “truth” there when compared to another individual’s perception of the same thing.

We will discuss our perceptions and what we view as truth in a seeking, discovering, and pondering way.  We hope you will join us!  Ground rules are simple:  this pursuit will always aim to be free of vitriol, dogma, and judging.  There will be openness and candor, but in a collegial way.  “I may differ seriously from your viewpoint, but I would like us to be able to enjoy lunch after discussing it!”

Alethia is the word, directly from the Greek language, for “Truth.”  The “lamp” has to do with shedding light on what we view as truth by sharing our views for others to consider.  That is what we will do.  We hope you will join us!

Hello world!

Wait for it! …Watch for it! ….. We are working on it!  Soon to come:  What Alethia’s Lamp is about, what it means, what we hope to share on the site!  We will try to “shed some light”  on a variety of topics, and in an engaging way!

Truth — Seek, Discover, Consider…